AR Invoice GL Control for Free Goods Costs, Not Product Group Specific

Looking for a way to route costs associated with AR invoices for “free goods” to a specific GL account (marketing vs. direct sale). Product group GL controls will not work here as these same parts will also appear on normal invoices.

Is there an obvious GL control type that I may be overlooking? If not, would a custom posting rule for invoices with a specific flag do the trick?

Thanks for any ideas!

I assume you mean the COS contexts.

Like if PrdGrp ‘WIDG’ had a GLC for “COS Material” of GL Acct 1234-00-01.

AR invoices of lines with PrdGrp ‘WIDG’ normally have their costs funneled to acct 1234-00-01

But when it’s a “freebie”, you want the costs to go to GL Acct 5432-00-01.

Should all the other GLC contexts for PrdGrp ‘WIDG’ (like Sales, returns, Rebate, Sales Discount, etc…) be unchanged?

Yes, just the account for the COS context(s). The other contexts would be left unchanged.

I don’t think there is anything very easy. But there are multiple possible solutions.

  1. Create new PrdGrps
    a. Make new PG’s identical to the existing ones, but with the preferred GL acct(s) for the COS contexts
    a. I’d make the GLC Id just have a suffix, like WIDG and WIDG-F
    b. During Order Entry, the line’s PG would default to the one setup in Part. The OE person would have to manually select the “-F” PG.
    c. During AR invoicing the PG is pulled from the Order, if it’s not the “-F” PG, then AR person would have to select the “-F” version.

Note: Both c. and d. could be automated to automatically choose the “-F” PG when the line’s extended price is $0.00

  1. BPM to intercept the GL account retrieval during GL calculations (For AR Edit list and AR Posting)

That second one seems like it could get hairy really quickly.

Thanks for the suggestions. This seems like a workable plan for the most part, but as you noted potentially a bit hairy in some areas. I will start trying some of this out in one of our test environments.

Our order entry people may not be thrilled as we do already have a relatively intense process for them to properly enter their orders. This may be a good time to look for additional automation opportunities.

Thanks again!