AR Invoice Payment Dates

Not a problem… but I just noticed something I haven’t noticed in my 10+ years of messing with Epicor…
So the Payment Dates field for AR Invoice are delimited integers as days. (ex. 8131~8161~8191)
So for example April 6, 2021 is 8131… for the longest time I assumed this was expressed in century days… with 01/01/2000 as day 1… but apparently that is not the case… the first day is 01/01/1999
I don’t get it.???

I can only guess that this is leftover logic from ABL/4GL code. It would likely not be the way they would do it today if they started over, but it also isn’t a huge performance issue (I would guess).

Also, this was entered under the ERP9 tag, but you show you are on 10.2.600.9, which one is it? :wink:

That is my guess as well, but starting 1/1/1999 doesn’t make much sense… I didn’t know if anyone had an offical Progress 4GL\ABL technical explanation… just a curiosity… a Friday distraction.
This is from a 9.05 client system where I noticed it …
In E10 it looks like the delimited PayDates was normalized to InvcSched table.

My version tag read 10.2.600 because that was the latest version I was activity working with from across my clients… I’ve updated it to a range now.

Ah yes. I don’t recall if it was converted immediately in E10 (I thing 10.2 introduced the new table).

Fun Fact for Epicor 9 DMT and AR Payment Schedules.
Even though in Epicor 9 there is not any UI mechanism to update the Payment Schedule in Update Posted Invoice program, you can update the Payments Schedule through DMT.
This is because the data interface for updating it is there and only the UI was missing in Epicor 9.

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