AR Payment Posting Rule force Plant to always be 11

TL;DR What is the simplest way to hardcode Plant to be 11 on AR Payments - Book Invoice Payment Credit?

We were acquired last year and in our former company the plant segment could vary. Beginning 1/2021 I need the plant to always be 11. I changed the GL control to use the new code, but AR Payment is a reusable GL Control, so it will continue to go to the AR Account it was booked to. Epicor support suggested cancelling those invoices and redoing them, but we do 100+ invoices a day, so that is out.

I am looking at a CSG custom rule that was done for us that does a table lookup to get the plant value and am going to replicate it for this, but if there was a simpler way I would be grateful for the info.



Disable the the GL Accounts that shouldn’t be used.

Why I think this might work…

We use multi-site, and the Div segment is automatically replaced on certain GLC’s. We added a site (Div -18-), but failed to create the Inventory Account with that Div. So when the posting engined tried to make a GL Tran to that sites inventory, it would see that the calculated GL Acct doesn’t exist, so it doesn’t do the replacement. It would end up using 1159-00-01 instead of 1159-11-01


a simple test would be to disable one of the desired accounts, and run Inv WIP Recon - as it uses the PE to determine the GL Accounts.

@ckrusen I am trying this in test now.


After re-reading your post, I see that it wasn’t the simple site replacement going on. But you might be able to tak advantage of the Posting Rules’ current logic for handling non-existant accts

That just made it cranky. I have a plan that I am fairly confident will work, but I find editing in posting rules to be very odd. Oh, well a new tool to learn :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion.

Well I guess that makes sense.

In our case that calculated acct didn’t exist at all. Which is different from existing, but being disabled.

@ckrusen thanks for the hint on using the built in not valid account. I probably had 3 or 4 working solutions that would not past the syntax check because I had two ifs and then an else :frowning:

In the end I made a check for the account not valid and then used the Company AR GL control.