Arrived Materials - Any listings?

Yea we couldn't find any good reports either, so we build a dashboard, which we actually think is more functional since you can open with. 

To filter by arrived, you would have to look at the rcvhed table. There is a checkbox for received. There's probably a checkbox for received on each line to, but i've never had a reason to go that far, typically the whole list is either arrived or received at the same time.


Has anyone come across a standard report or dashboard that displays what receipts are just flagged as "Arrived" instead of "Received"?  We're training the people in receiving to watch for that green box but some are getting through anyway.  They would like a way to look these up themselves.


I couldn't find anything in PO Receipt Status Dashboard to show it was only at arrived.  I even checked the Material Transaction Detail report but there wasn't an option to look up arrived lines...




I don't remember seeing "Arrived" being reported in Epicor.
There is a field called "ArrivedDate" that defaults to the system date.
Usually the same value as the "Receipt Date"
You might have some in the RcvDtl table where the two dates don't match - since the Receipt Date can be changed on the entry form.
Hi Jenn,

I couldn't find a standard report or dashboard either, so I developed a dashboard that our receiving department checks every day.