Assemble outside instead of internally

We want to temporarily send an assembly to a supplier which they will build complete - we do not supply parts. Can we simply add the part to a PO and be done?

Look at subcontract operations.

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If you add the part to a normal po, when you receipt the po, it will be booked into stock the same as any other PO which means it may not be in your finished goods warehouse. Similarly the part will be booked into stock at the value of the po, so has the potential, depending on what method you use, to affect costs.

As Chris says the simplest thing to do is to temporarily add a sub con op to the route, or create an alternate route and raise an associated sub con operation po - this will do it all properly on system.

create another method for the part which includes an subcontract operation (vendor and cost)
make sure’s its active
create the job with this method
issue raw materials to job
run pur suggestions or just create a po referencing the job and operation
send materials to supplier on subcontract shipment
receive materials back to job with PO RECEIPTS
and then receive JOB to inv.

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