Asset depreciation for addition value

In Epicor 9.04.503B, In Asset management, according to our client requirements, Asset process will be as follows:
1.Creating new asset e.g. Lathe Machine in asset master which is purchased on 2008 Jan, the value is 12000 and life period is 10 years, 2.The deprecation process(not only current year) is also started from Jan 2008 for that asset, after one year the book value is 10800.
3. On Jan 2009 the value for lathe machine is added and the value is 2000, so the value of asset is 14000,
For first 12000 the depreciation will continue as earlier. Since the book-value after one year depreciation is 10800 it will be left with another 9 years of depreciation.
Now for the addition asset entry of 2000 will have separate depreciation
of 10 years starting from 01 Jan 2009. But the gross value will be the
total of both i.e. 12000 and 2000. It is not reflecting in the asset tracker or asset.
How to calculate the depreciation with the added value?
Actually the client wants to the see the depreciation process for the asset started from 2008 jan with the book value 12000 should be calculated for the whole life period.
and also they want to calculate the deprecation process for same asset with added value (14000), should be calculated again separately for the life period of the asset.
 Kindly advice me the steps for the above depreciation processes.
Thank you & Regards,

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