Assigning Rest cert for Epicor user

This is the first time I’m working with Rest certifications. I have a user who errors out when trying to use Power BI Desktop to pull reports from Epicor. I understand this has to do with the Rest certification needing to be applied to the end user’s PC. Other users have the same setup and are able to access Power BI Desktop without any issue. Is there a step-by-step that I can use to walk me through setting up the Rest certification? Much appreciated.

Hi Matt.
When I tried some Power BI stuff in the past I found that I had to make sure to make sure I had a Microsoft Data Gateway setup on the host machine. It might be a catch point for you if you don’t have that working.
I don’t do the REST Certs for my company, so I can’t help you on that front.
Just trying to give a possible heads-up on something that tripped me up in the past.

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Thank you for the heads up!