Attachment Type Sharepoint

We are currently implementing Kinetic. I’m trying to set up an Attachment Type that will work with our SharePoint Online. My IT Company has created the Directory ID / Application ID and Sharepoint Certificate Thumbprint, but all our attempts to connect result in a “Sorry, something went wrong” error.

Anyone have any pointers on what to check next?

Where are you getting this message? Attachment Type setup or elsewhere? Have you created the Site Library from Epicor?

On the Attachment Type Maintenance form. I get the same error if I try to Create Site Library there. I see that there is an Azure Active Directory Configuration Maintenance form but nothing has been created there. We are also having issues with setting up Azure permissions to email from within Kinetic, so I’m wondering if it is all connected.

yes, most probably it is related with permissions you set in Azure AD.

You can see the exact error in the server’s event viewer.