ATTN: Quality Module users RMA return costing flaw

We have what we believe is a major glitch in logic with the RMA system
and what it pulls in for cost. When parts are returned the system
assumes first the parts are from the last shipment. If there is not a
cost on the last shipment, the system secondly reverts to the cost of
sales method by averaging the cost over all shipments against that line.

This logic took an item which showed on the PDR as having a unit cost of
$83, and gave it a return cost of $883. Because we had a ton of "late
arriving" cost on this particular job, the last shipment of 15 pieces
went out at a cost of $883 each. The previous shipments were all around
$11 worth of cost each.

Unfortunately, 202 parts were returned. More unfortunately, they came
in at a cost of $883 each due to the last shipment of 15 pieces.

I have gone back and forth with development twice on case #1491689MPS.
I have submitted yet another enhancement request. (I am waiting for the
formal # to get issued at this point). I will post again with the same
subject once a number is issued.


Bruce Butler, IT Manager

Knappe & Koester <>

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Keene, NH

p. 603-355-1166

f. 603-355-2266


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