Australia - Vantage tech looking for work

Received this request offlist and aggreed to forward to the list at large.

Todd Anderson


Good Afternoon,

My name is Jade Lawson, I was a member of this group earlier this
year whilst employed by Australian Healthcare Equipment. Recently I have
been retrenched and are now looking for work, I am not a consultant or third
party of any type. I would like to offer my services to members of the group
on a temporary basis. Whilst using Vantage, several times I would have
employed someone with similar skills to myself on a temporary basis in order
to complete particular projects if I could have found them.

If you were able to post a short message to the group (copy the text
below if you like) I would be very appreciative. I have project managed
vantage implementations (Ver. 5.2 and 6.1) recently, completing quite a lot
of the work myself and so have quite a reasonable knowledge of the product.
(Kevin Kennedy or Becky Lam at Cogita could vouch for this).

My skills lie in the following areas (Version 5.2 & 6.1):

* Configurator creation and maintenance.
* BOM (Method of manufacture) Creation.
* Importing of BOM's from legacy systems.
* Part Creation
* Buyer/Customer creation and maintenance.
* MRP settings
* Purchase Order suggestion settings.
* Extracting data and reports through Microsoft query and
vantage's own report builder.
* Analysis of extracted data.
* General Troubleshooting

I have a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with around 3 years
experience with Vantage. Previously I have been working as either Production
Manager, Production Planner or both but have also had experience filling in
with purchasing and sales order entry. As I have been responsible for
implementation and testing I am familiar with all modules except CRM.

I can be contacted at jadelawson@... and are available
immediately. I am located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

If this request falls outside the rules of the forum I fully
understand, however if it is possible it would be very helpful. Please
understand that at present I would not like to be a member of the forum
itself but would definitely rejoin if I were using Vantage again as I have
found it immensely helpful in the past.

Thank you for your consideration and moderating the group for the
time that I was a member.

Best Regards

Jade Lawson