Auto DMT Load?

Have an BAQ that was created before my time that states it is Auto DMT Load. How would you set something like that up? Not sure where to begin to verify if it is still working since the upgrade or anything.

Check out DotNetIT (Dot Net IT Limited) · GitHub for examples


Thanks! So this would be placed in Windows it appears. Would you think this would be on the server? Trying to piece where he would of put this as much has changed and I am wondering if the script has failed due to changes we’ve made and that is why we are having some issues.

Check in your scheduled tasks. It may be that they put an exipiry on the action trigger. Your event logs should also show it executing.

It makes mention of calling a BAQ to import data on the DMT home page. I haven’t personally used it that way, but this is probably what the Auto DMT BAQ Load is referring to.

I am not in front of my work computer so don’t have a DMT.

The other thing the issue is, maybe the DMT is running, but it is throwing errors, or back in version prior to .45 there was a problem with running in -NOUI mode so if DMT is on that version and it is being executed through a scheduled task then that might be the cause.

One other note it is possible to run powershell using SQL agent so if you can’t find any evidence of the scheduled task in Windows Task Scheduler, it could be in SSMS as a SQL Agent Job, failing that they may have just had a batch file that they ran every day on their desktop, since they left they are not there to run it.

Finally be kind to the next person and when you fine the problem, please document it. :slight_smile:

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I use PowerShell to run DMT scripts every night. I happen to have them on my machine, not the server. Windows Task shows a log on when it runs but you have to find the task to see the log. If you don’t know what you are looking for (the title) it becomes difficult to locate.

If I might piggyback on a related question - When using the DMT command line feature with Task Scheduler, I notice that even after the file is processed, that the DMT.exe and the “EpiEObrowser.exe” are both still running. Doesn’t seem to cause any issue but I am wondering if they should terminate/exit after running the file? it seems that it should be closed at some point.
Did I miss something in the command line attributes or is there additional PowerShell script that should be included to run to cause DMT.exe to close gracefully? Thanks for any guidance!