Auto Job Completion/Closing causing Non-Qty Bearing on hand to go negative

Has anyone had any experience with the Auto Job Completion and/or Auto Job Closing processes causing non-Qty Bearing parts to go negative on hand?

We have some nuts/bolts/etc. that we have set up as not Quantity Bearing (and Non-Stock = False) because they are VMI, but we are seeing something weird where some of these parts are still going negative on hand. Through trial and error with one part, it appears to me that it is the Auto Job Completion or Closing process that is causing this to happen, because a backflush or mass issue of the parts to the job by any other means is not causing the inventory to go negative.

I’ve got a case open with EpicCare on this and am trying some things to try to pinpoint the root cause, but am hoping someone else has seen this and knows what causes it.

(On current version of Public Cloud)