Auto Mark Checkbox


I recently got a checkbox on all of our new sales orders to populate as true, but we realized that when they are converted from a quote, it doesn’t auto check. I created a post process BPM on orderhed getnew, but I’m wondering how I would do it for one that is converted from a quote? I’m not exactly sure what I need to update for it to be true for both cases.

Thanks in advance!

You’ll want to run a trace when converting the quote to an order and see what methods get called. You might have the BPM on the wrong method.

Before you do anything, throw a message box on your BPM and see if it fires when you convert the quote to an order, don’t add any other logic. This will tell you if you have the right method.


I’ve seen this before. The quote to order process starts with fresh fields and as already mentioned uses different methods compared to just cresting an SO directly…

This is what I get when I run the trace:

I tried GetByID on sales order, but it doesn’t look like that worked when I converted a quote.

I ran the trace and it was GetByID, I just needed to set it to field of all rows to get it to populate as true when converted.

You highlighted the GetNewOrGetByID method of the UserTracing object.