Auto print Receipt label

I am trying to auto print SSRS receipt label when a PO is received using receipt entry menu. I have created a data directive bpm. I am getting an error " valid pack slip is required". May be i am missing a step? Help would be much appreciated.

Ours looks like this:
We needed all those values filled in for it to work. Maybe that could help you.

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Thanks @smason. It worked as expected.

We are getting an issue where if the PO line has been partially received, it will auto print 2 labels. 1 for the current receipt and another for the past receipt.

Anyone else getting this error?

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We have a condition statement that checks for added rows only, to make sure we only get one label.


Not sure if its the most elegant way to do this, but it works for us.


I had to do this too,but not sure if it was the SAME exact condition, but yes we were getting labels for all past receipts.

We are just now starting implementation with Bartender now so we will be revisiting this BPM in coming weeks to dial it in.

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We are still getting tags of receipts that are from the past pack slips. it only happens when the PO line was partially received in the past.
below are the conditions on the BPM.
Any thoughts?



What method are you hooking on ?

Standard Directive on RcvDtl table ?

Yes. Standard on RcvDtl

Maybe add an additional filter where Receipt Date = Today().


Maybe hook on to the PartTran table instead with a standard directive.
where TranClass = R and is a added row.

All the other report parameters seem pretty accessible from there.

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