Auto Receive

When you have Auto Receive designated on a job how do you define which bin it is going to? I am having a difficult time where the Auto Receive checkbox is selected on the last operation on a job but after the transaction has been made it goes to Inventory without a Warehouse or Bin. Part master defines where it should go, but it does not seem to want to send it there. We have to transfer the material after the fact which is time consuming. Additional information: our parts are serialized, maybe that has something to do with it? Though when they are making the transaction they have to specify the serial number anyways so I do not think that is a problem.

@Brudy According to this KB on EpicCare it is defined in the demand link and I don’t think you can make a demand link without a warehouse. What exact version are you running? I am on 10.2.400.15 and we auto receive a lot, but are not serialized.

If you do a trace is the data getting set and just not written? If you did a test on a nonserialized part does it auto receive with a warehouse?


Do you have a Backflush Warehouse or Bin selected for the Resource group ? I am not sure of the hierarchy ( if there is any ) on receiving to a bin.

We do not currently as we cant have serialized parts backflush.