Auto Replenishment


Can the Auto Replenishments be set to use FIFO rather than the Bin Sequence?


If I understood you correctly, are you trying to set up Replenishment using costing method ?

Now that would be cool. I have seen some manipulation of material queues. Do you have your bins physically aligned to fifo?

@enbw The bins are not physically aligned to FIFO, our warehouse isn’t large and we are usually fighting for space so our pallets have to go in whichever bin location is free but we need to ship the oldest product first due to how quickly our product changes so the bin sequence would not work for us.

@prash172 Yes we have to ship the goods that are brought in first so if we had 3 pallets the oldest would have to be moved to the pick face first rather than the first one in the bin sequence.

@Ricky90 Have you tried changing configuration in Site Configuration under AMM ?

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@Arul I did look at this but assumed it would only affect the Fulfillment Workbench not the Material Queues or Replen Workbench. I will take a look at this now though.

EDIT: This worked a charm, thanks for this info.

Hi, how is you replenishment set at the moment. If this is a couple of lines, you can fix the bin.

@enbw It is currently running out of the box so the pick face is the Primary Bin on the Part table which will not change unless we move the Part to another location.

The Auto Replen will kick in when the thresholds set on the Part Warehouse Bin are met and it will just use the Bin Sequence of the Supply Warehouse to determine where to get the product from. This is also causing me a headache as i seem to have to have a Warehouse for the supply and a warehouse for the pick face, would be much easier if this could be done from the Bin Level not warehouse level.

@Arul This seemed to work for the first auto replen but after that it seems to have reverted back to Bin Sequence.

@Ricky90 You should be able to override the bin by creating a BPM on MtlQueue In-Transaction.

@Arul How can I override the Bin when I will not know which Bin has the oldest product in it? The Bulk/Storage locations are not fixed locations, once the location is empty a different code can go in there.

@Ricky90. The one which I have done recently was to store the date in a UD field in PartBin table based on the transaction types like PUR-STK, MFG-STK,INS-STK, etc and use that for FIFO. You can create a BPM on PartBin Data Directive In-Transaction processing. Data need to populated initially as well based on the PartTran table.

Um, they can be the same warehouse. Are you saying the plant config will automatically pick up the oldest transaction across all bins?

@enbw I was in the incorrect form on the Part table earlier so I have now managed to get Replens from the same warehouse. That’s what I’m after the oldest received transaction across all bins that contain a part code.