Auto Report Every Friday

I am needing to have the SO Pick List emailed every Friday to one recipient, BUT the dates start at three weeks out and end the end of that week. How do I set up this type of dynamic dates to do this?

Hello, Will. It sounds like you want the report emailed out on Friday’s, but the parameters are not necessarily related to Friday at all.

The execution of the report can be controlled by the System Agent Schedules, to happen every week and start on a Friday.

The parameters, using Dynamic selection, only has months not weeks as far as parameters are concerned. However, you could attempt to either customize this form, or create a new custom form that duplicates the behavior of SO Pick List, but within it the data parameters would be ‘defaulted’ by some custom code that would calculate the dates as needed.

I have not tried to do anything of the sort, and maybe there are more elegant solutions, but nonetheless it is an interesting request. Best of luck.

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You could set up a BPM on the Task Agent Schedule and call a specialize report type to email the report. Task Agent would run each Friday, you then could do customized parameters to send to the report.