AutoFirm Jobs Linked to Sales Orders

Does anyone know how to make Jobs that are generated by MRP and are linked to Sales orders automatically get firmed when they are created? I was thinking I was thinking I could do it with a method directive but I haven’t figured out which business object/method to use. I am pretty sure I could just use a Query to set the Firmed Checkbox but first I would need to figure out which method/business object to put it in. Any Ideas?

Have you considered running the “Auto Job Firm” process right after running MRP?

@timshuwy with Auto Job Firm would you be able to ONLY firm jobs linked to sales orders?

No, i believe it will firm all jobs. It IS possible to trigger the the release function. if you turn on tracing, then go into Job Entry, and firm a job, you will see the process(es) that are run. It actually does run a process, and returns a new job number if you like.
The biggest problem/challenge is deciding WHEN to trigger it. You cannot simply trigger all new jobs to be firmed, because the job would be firmed before MRP was done creating all the materials and operations and scheduling. You would need the BPM to wait till MRP was all done creating the job since the job’s Job Number field will change when the job is firmed.

Would I be able to put a BPM on Auto Job Firm so that when it ran it would only firm jobs linked to sales orders?(I understand if I ever wanted to use Auto Job Firm for all Jobs I would have to delete the BPM.) If I could do that I could schedule Auto Job Firm to run right after MRP is finished.

How about this one: “Is it possible to firm only jobs with 100% component availability?”

The very generic solution to this is to create a scheduled BPM/Function that reads a list for Jobs from a BAQ and then uses the JobStatus BO to firm/release them.

I did manage to get it to auto firm only jobs linked to sales orders by using a data directive on JobHead table. I did it by setting a condition based on a query that if the job is linked to a sales order, has at least one material and has at least one operation to set JobFirm to true. this did slow down MRP slightly. this worked great for me since MRP only took 7min to run regen prior to this directive. I wouldn’t suggest this way if you have methods deeper than 5 levels.

After running MRP, run Production Planner Process which will identify the jobs with 100 % availability. The table is PPlanHed with criteria PPlanHed.Shortage = false. Use this to release the job.