Automate OrderMisc Charges based on Order Value


Epicor version: 10.2.700.12

I am trying to add a line into the Order Misc Charges by using a BPM based on the condition that the DocOrderAmt Field is under a specific value. I ran a trace log and completed the task manually and tried replicating by calling the required Business Objects but i just cannot get it to add the record. Attached below is the current BPM.

The Set Field is the Identifier for the Misc Charge, in this case ‘SOC’ hoping that it would fill the rest of the row out automatically based on the setup of that code.

I have this adding the MiscCharge but it only seems to like entering the charge it when there is one line on the order. I noticed in the setup for GetNewOHOrderMsc you have the OrderLine parameter set, think it may be to do with this.