Automating physical inventory initialization for multiple warehouses in E10

Hello All,

For starters, I am new to E10 but have been impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge expressed in the numerous posts in this forum. I have a request which I hope one of you might be able to assist.

As background, I currently fulfil the role of systems accountant at an organization which just had E10 deployed around 10-11 months ago so we are all learning about the product, its functionality, etc. Our organization needs to complete a stocktake exercise across 25 warehouses on a more\less regular basis. The process of initialize the physical inventory is repetitive and takes around 5 mins per warehouse and as I am the only one to do it, the total time taken to initialize the inventory for all warehouses is just over 2hrs (ie, 25x5mins=125mins) … which I would like to automate using the equivalent of a batch file (or equivalent) and schedule on the day of the stocktake exercise.

Accordingly, I would like to know if it is possible to automate all the tasks (ie, select a warehouse, select misc checkboxes, process a warehouse, etc) under Materials Management > Inventory Management > General Operations > Initialize Physical Inventory for multiple warehouses by means of a batch file launched by a schedule.

If one of you has managed to automate the tasks, I would very much appreciate it if the script(s)\file(s) could be provided along with the steps to implement this process.

Many thanks in advance.

Why not distribute the instructions to each warehouse manager, and have each one of them do their own initialization? (And… if you tell me that they are not trustworthy enough… we may need to have another discussion about how you will trust them to count your parts).


Hi Tim,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I have been leaning down that path too in the sense that I have requested the assistance of 3 of my fellow colleagues to complete the steps in parallel (ie, all 4 of us will be assigned 6-7 warehouses each) for the upcoming June end of year stocktake. In the longer term, I would like to pass down the steps to follow to each of the warehouse managers so that they can each complete the steps for their respective warehouses once they are trained up to do so. As mentioned, we have just implemented E10 10-11 months ago and are all learning about the product, its functionality, etc so in case the warehouse managers are not comfortable with completing the steps themselves, I was considering automating all the tasks and get them completed using a schedule before the start of the stocktake day.

So, going back to my original question, is there a way to automate the steps to initialize the physical inventory, generate the tags, etc … using a combination of a batch command file and schedule?