Automation Studio Epicor connection not working

All of the sudden all our Epicor connections are down in Workato Getting an Error

Connection failed
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@aosemwengie1 you seeing any issues?

No issues so far over here.

It seems to be an issue with the On Prem groups only.

We are on prem and it seems to have happened to us at 9:21AM CST.

Same error. “Connection Lost”. Showing in the Connections area for both of our Epicor connections.

We also being on prem not seeing any issues.

Same issues for us for our on prem groups. Started out as an intermittent issue earlier today but now seems to be impacting all recipes with on prem Epicor connections.

Epicor is working on it hopefully fast

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Epicor connection seems to be back up for me (successfully reconnected within the past 15 mins or so). Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

We are able to connect to our On-Prem groups this morning.

I am having the same issue here in the UK with 2 customers. @josecgomez, has yours resolved yet please? And was there any fix from Epicor?

Yes it is fixed it should be fixed for you too. Though they did say US Zone so maybe they are doing it by area.

Perfect thank you. Will await a further response from Epicor Support, but that gives me hope for a resolution soon. Was still not working a couple of hours ago. Thanks.