AutoPrint a Report from the execution of another report SysTaskParam ReportStyleNum empty!

Hello Auto Print Experts :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing some work on, for sake of a better term cascading printing. For example print a bill of laiding and print all the packing slips immediately after it.

We have a specific report style for the initializing report, it has report routing setup so it prints directly to the printer. That functions ok. The subsequent report I am using autoprint looking at the sysrpt table to identify when the report initializing report ran, then based on the plant the user was in spit out the packing slips to the desired printer. I tested this and it indeed worked.

I then considered the situation where what happens if I only wanted the the calling report and not the subsequent ones, Let’s use the report style and check out the systask Params.

and surprise, surprise, the SysTaskParms.ReportStyleNum is not populated!

Has anyone seen this before? Have I stumbled across an issue?

An issue between the keyboard and the back of the char…The ReportStyleNum is found in the ParamInteger field not the ParamCharacter…Duh!

I think the solution is ensuring the user has a report parameter that allows them to turn on or off the subsequent reports. But identifying the specific report style that its calling has some value.

Report file type is XML?

Didn’t notice that before. It’s a BAQ report so it might be an artifact of days gone by