AutoPrint Bartender Report Data Definition

We are currently testing E10.1.600 migrating from E9.5.702. In doing verification of a couple of autoprint data directives. I came across differences between the output of the E9 and E10 BT file. The E10 File, the column names are prefixed with an underscore “_”, so now none of the fields match the btw format file we had in E9. For example, Company would be listed as _Company in the .bt file. This is using the GenShip RDD.

Luckily we only have a couple of BT labels we use and I can remap the fields but has anybody seen this or know if it is a known problem?


It’s a known “feature” (it works as intended), unfortunately you just have to remap all your labels :frowning: or use a middleware tool to remove the underscores

Good to hear it’s at least known. Whether that it’s a “feature” or bug probably debatable. I guess I’ll start remapping :expressionless:.

Out of curiosity, do you know the background of why it changed?

Thanks Jose!

I just remapped over 100 Labels including Event VBScripts in each one took a while… Yet if you use ODBC/OLE and you work on Print Console Labels you get no _'s which is expected.

Honestly if anyone is reading this from Epicor… Its a stupid “Feature”. =)

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