Autoprint SSRS

I think I asked a question similar to the nature of this one some time back but I can’t find it. There is a request to silently print a SSRS report that I made. All this report has is two pieces of data with their corresponding barcodes. I currently have the report coming up in a PDF and all one has to do is File/Print. Instead of doing that, though, the users want it to print automatically upon generation of the report. Is there an easy way to do that? I tried using a BPM that triggers off a database field change but it isn’t happening. I am hoping there may be an answer via customization code. Would any of you guys know anything about this?

How are you triggering the generation of the PDF?

When UD10.ShortChar10 or UD10.ShortChar11 is changed from any to another.

Here is a data directive on JobHead i use to auto print job traveler and a BAQ Report.


Look up “Auto Print” within Advanced Printing and Routing module.

Ok, Thank you. I will look at that.