Autoselect Planner

I am interested in autoselecting a planner from the Planner dropdown on the Kanban Receipts screen. I tried to write the text of the selection I want but that didn’t help even after I click the Refresh button. Am I able to do this, and if so, any guidance would be appreciated?

I assuming you tried to do this via a customization? Could you provide your code?

Assuming you did it this way, you would need to write the actual buyer code, and not the name to the field.value

I am confused, there is no “plannner” field in the Kanban Receipts program. Am I missing something?

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The screen is Kanban Receipts. The left panel is Warehouse Items. Sorry I was confusing.

can you capture and paste a screenshot?

The primary question is, can I autoselect a combobox which is what Planner is in this scenario. If so, what do I need to do. I tried finding an EpiDataView but not able to find it.

Did you try the Field Help, then look at the technical info. That should show the db tables or dataviews bound to that control.

Excellent idea. Didn’t think of that.

Is that a customized version of Kanban Receipts? Mine (E10.2.300) only shows the lone pane “Kanban Receipts”, and no pane for “Warehouse Items”


I found out it is a customization already. I am relatively new to Epicor so I didn’t realize that. They are running a BAQ and I modified it to get my desired behavior.

I was wondering… that didn’t look familiar, which is why I asked for the screenshot.

I think this customization has to get an action “Refresh” to load data Planner. If you want to autoselecting the planner, you have to define the rule.