Autovue version - skip that

Never mind. It's on the 5.0 disk and it looks like it opens everything but
cans of fruit. Thanks anyway.

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Maybe I ought to call my rep but... this is where the experts are. When we
bought Vantage we got 10 licenses for AutoVue (noted on order as Document
Management Pro) and we also paid at that time for 12 months of maintenance.
In that time we never received any updates to AutoVue and I am not sure if
there were any. I believe it was included on our Epicor maintenance renewal
along with everything else. We never got a seperate maintenace bill from
Cimmetry Systems.

Questions: Has there been any updates to AutoVue in the last 18 months?
Should we have received this from Epicor or directly from Cimmetry? Is it
perhaps on the 5.0 disk (which I have not looked at)? Finally, does the
latest version handle CadKey files (as Cimmetry said in 1999 it would
eventually do)?

-Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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