Avalara address validation

We would like a process that completes address validation prior to the orders being freighted in Quick Ship. We have Avalara for Tax calculations and I was thinking of using it.

During testing I am noticing that one time ship to addresses on orders are not being validated. Is anyone else using one time ship tos with Avalara?

note as well that it counts as a charge to do that (per your Avalara contract) if I am not mistaken.

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I know it will count against our transactions. I wanted to check out using them before looking at other options since we already use them.

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I am validating OTS on the order header and it works fine. How are you testing it and why do you think it isn’t working?

You have the Bulk Address Validation process in AR - General Ops. You can check all customers and ship-to addresses with that. But not OTS I’m afraid. As @aosemwengie1 mentioned, you check those from order header one-by-one. You probably need something custom for bulk OTS validation.