Avalara Tax Exempt still showing tax on AR Invoice

We have an AR Invoice that is calculating Sales Tax. The customer is set to Tax Exempt, the Sales Order is not showing any tax calculations. When we invoice the SO, Avalara is bringing in the Sales Tax and will not let us delete the line. We are able to delete the line from the header, but it come right back when we recalculate the tax.

Any suggestions on where to begin and how to get Tax Exempt Customer to not have a Sales Tax.

Verify that the customer is tax exempt in the Avalara control panel (thier website)

Adding to @ckrusen comment, we had some issues with exemptions smarter Avalara did an internal upgrade a few months back. Avalara support did an API reset on the exemptions and corrected some issues for us.
Before that, we would revoke and setup a new exemption for the customer.