Back flush LABOR not working on Vantage 6.1 (try again

We are running Vantage 6.1

Our operations and 'method of labor entry' are

Oper Labor Entry Method
Op1 B
Op2 B
Op3 B
Op4 T or Q
Op5 B
Op6 B
Op7 T or Q

When we enter labor with qty and/or time
it is inconsistent if the preceding operations back flush LABOR

We have run Job > Back flush Operations
with no change in the results.

It seems to happen with the data-entry operation marked as both T or Q.

Why does it back flush labor sometimes and not other times?


Babette Welch
IT Director
Argonics, Inc
1110 Wright Street
Marquette MI 49855
906.226.9747 ext 235