Backflush date of job materials

Hello everyone,
We are setting our Job materials to backflush. The date when job materials are transacted with STK-MTL seems to be the start date of the job.
Is there a setting to replace this date with the job’s completion date?
Thanks in advance.

Is the job scheduled?

Does the job schedule board or job status show a range of dates for the operations?

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Materials will backflush and create the STK-MTL transaction when completed quantities are reported to the materials related operation. Sounds like your materials are currently related to the first operation. Try setting them to the last op on the job instead.

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The job is scheduled. The job schedule board don’t show a range of dates for the operations but, job status show a range of dates for the operations.
This issue was my misunderstanding. A backflush transaction occurred on the job’s completion date.

I think I saw it wrong. A backflush transaction occurs on the job completion date.
But the question is, in which menu do you set this up?