Is there a way to back order items? In other words, if there is an order and only partial order is shipped because we are missing parts, is there a way that the system could generate the remaining missing parts as a backorder (essentially a new order)?

This is really default behavior of Epicor where the order release has a remaining balance. If you ship a partial, the release remains open.

You can split the releases if you prefer prior to shipment and extend the date on the additional release.
If you choose this route, the lock line quality setting on the line is recommended.


so i understand that, but is there a way for the material parts for the parent part to be ordered if there is not enough in stock automatically on a new order? Does a functioning MRP system need to be up and running for this to even work?

You’ll have to explain that a bit more, but I think you are implying that the sold parts are manufactured at your facility, and you want Epicor to create jobs for those parts so that there will be demand for the components?

If so, yes, that’s MRP.

Without MRP, you must manually make jobs to fulfill demand.

Are you talking about parts in an assembly that are missing? That was one of the things that we struggled with before and didn’t really find a way to fix reliably. It was pretty much manually tracking. Making the inventory go negative and then when it came in, send it out. I wish that there was a better way to do that.