BAM to enter setup time?


Currently 6.1 going to 8.03 in July.

I would like to see if anyone is doing something similar as we are
with our labor entry. Or perhaps could offer their thoughts on the

We flag the majority of our Work Centers as "Quantity Only", so that
our employees can login and out and just enter their qtys (trying to
reduce the amount of time they have to go in and out of the data
collection - we do time studies to check our estimates) The
Estimated time is then used, based on the qty entered.

HOWEVER, we do not have them go into setup time. We were thinking we
might be able to create a BAM to default in the estimated set-up
time, when the first production qty is entered into the Work Center
(Resource Group). And if it is possible, could this be done in 6.1
or would we have to wait and do it in 8.03? Currently, we have
someone data enter in Set-up time.

Thank you for any ideas you could throw our way. Much appreciated.

Joy Fekkes
Jaco, Inc