BAM triggered when there is no change to field

Hi All,

I am trying to setup two BAMs, both against the OrderHed table, that
will be used to auto print a Sales Order Acknowledgement and a Sales
Order Confirmation, respectively.

The first BAM is only monitoring the field CheckBox05. It has a rule of
CheckBox05 = true. This BAM triggers the auto print successfully every
time. This is the BAM to print the Sales Order Acknowledgement.

My second BAM is monitoring ShortChar04. It has a rule of ShortChar04 <>
ShortChar06. I'm using this rule to prevent the BAM from running when
ShortChar04 is null. This is the BAM to print the Sales Order

This BAM runs fine if I change ShortChar04 but it also runs every time
the first BAM runs, regardless if ShortChar04 changes or not.

Any ideas as to why the BAM for ShortChar04 is triggered even if the
value did not change?

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