BAQ add updatable column

I have a BAQ, that we use in a dashboard to show open jobs and where they are in the manufacturing process.
I want to have an updatable column that would show the priority of the job. I want it to default to ‘99’, but allow the user who is running the BAQ to edit the the column to change the priority of jobs. So, instead of the ‘99’, they could change it to ‘50’ to make it higher priority.

I created a calculated field called ‘PriorityNumber’, I am not sure the best way to format the field in the ‘Calculated Business Field SQL Editor’.
I did edit the “updatable field edit” for that calculated column, with the ‘Editor Default’ as 99 (attached picture).


You really need to add a field that is in the database.

That way users will be able to see the most recently saved information when they open\refresh the dashboard.

You can make a field default to a value as well in UD column maintenance.

@rhys Could you use the Scheduling priority field? JobHead.SchedCode We use it for ratings, but I am not sure of its actual function. It also has some very cool graphics.



We use that field as well. It is more about adding an updateable field that can be changed by job managers. Thanks though.

Thanks, I didnt think of that.