BAQ and DMT to update operation in latest rev of a part

>>we only want to update the latest rev
>>as sometimes the dates are the same day for different revs
I had the same issue a while back with the dates. (and the revisions weren't any help as they were descriptions, not any type of sequence used)

I ended up pulling a couple lists:
- parts with multiple revs, same date
- parts /revs / last date
Then manually compared & edited the conflicts as needed for my final DMT templates.
Was a pain but was just a one-off.

If you are going to need to make ongoing updates maybe it's worth customization/UD field?
Or maybe users could add some order/significance to the Rev field?

(Epicor 9.05.702A)

Firstly: We're aware of Mass Operation Replace, but since we only want to update the latest rev, it isn't useful for this scenario.

Any ideas how to replicate pulling the latest rev and operations associated with that rev in a BAQ that we could in turn use to swap out an operation? Currently we're pulling some stuff associated with the ECO, but that caused us some grief (thankfully in test). 

This is especially tricky when trying to sort by date, as sometimes the dates are the same day for different revs, and since the field is date only rather than datetime, it's unreliable for a sort.