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I am a relatively new user to this software, but our company has been using it for years. That being said, no one in our company has received training for generating BAQs, and we have been unable to use them for extracting data from the system until now. So I have been charged with the task of learning how to use them. I am not a computer nerd, I am an accountant, but I am determined to figure out how to use BAQs to help our company move forward. The only resources I have are a user manual from Epicor and this forum. So my first attempt at generating a query is to find out how many quotes have been converted to sales orders. For some reason we do not have the Data Dictionary Viewer available on our menu options, but I can access the field help technical data that shows the field names. Can anyone help me with the fields necessary to extract this data?

I am also new to this software and have learnedly basics of BAQ through
YouTube. This should be helpful

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You need security manager access to get the data dictionary option I believe.

@lveitch When you are in the BAQ Designer, go to the Query Builder > Phrase Builder tab; the one where you choose the table(s) you want to use. When you place your table on the grid, all the fields with their names, type and description populate in the right-hand side of the window:

@lveitch I believe all you would need for this would be the QuoteHed table. Select the QuoteNum and Ordered fields. The QuoteHed.Ordered is a True/False field, so any that are true would be useful. If you needed additional details, you should be able to link to the QuoteDtl table. My company doesn’t use the Quoting module, so I can’t say for certain what other tables can be linked.

Also, if your company has a training environment available, they may also have the embedded education courses. You might be able to get into those and get a feel for how to utilize BAQs. It takes some time to really figure out the advanced stuff, but getting to know the basics will help you tremendously as you begin doing any bigger queries.

@jgiese.wci published the E9 and E10 dictionaries here.


There is a fields on the table OrderDtl named QuoteNum and QuoteLine.

You can use a Quote to create many Sales Orders.

This is populated when a Quote is turned into a Sales Order.

Also, if you see the data on a screen, you can go to help > Field Help and it will tell you the database field (sometimes).

Hope this helps.