BAQ BPM strange behavior

Hey all,

Strange strange behavior in an updatable BAQ. UD101 table. I have Character02 field as updateable. Let’s say the current value is Test 2 and I change it to Test 3 and click update. In a Pre or Post directive, I have an alert written for ttResults.UD101_Character02. When I do the update, what I am getting in the alert is Test 2 not Test 3. Same results within the Post directive alert.
Any ideas?i Have written hundreds of BAQ BPMs and have never seen it behave this way. Now, I am on day 2 of trying to quit smoking so I may be a little out of my mind right now and not thinking straight… lol


I’m not an E9 guy, so if this is wrong, please forgive me

Are you filtering by your rowmods? Sometimes you get duplicate rows being passed and you have to make sure you are only firing your BPM with rowmod = U.


I am only firing on updated row. I will soon not be an E9 guy and I cannot wait.


Guess what? Clearing my cache fixed all of the issues I’ve been having with this stinkin BPM… It now behaves the way I wrote it.