BAQ calculated field IF statement needs a slight tweak

Epicor 9.05.701

The below screenshot shows if the JobMtl.IssuedQty = 0.00 then False otherwise True

However, how can i slightly tweak it to say “if ANY material has been issued to the job, then TRUE, else FALSE”

Add the JobMtl table a second time to the BAQ as a summary table and a calculated field MtlIssued with formula Total(JobMtl_alias.IssuedQty) then change partIssued calculated field to IF MtlIssued > 0 then true else false

Hi, i don’t seem to be getting the results i need…

What information are you looking for? It appears correct as no material has been issued to the job?


  1. I’m not sure what the Mtl Issued column is adding up to get 1.20
  2. The Mtl Seq only returns “10” now for each job…i need to check to see if this is right as i think before the changes were made there were multiple rows for each job due to there being multiple component parts for the top level part.

The criteria for JobMtl and JobMtl1 should be the same. Are the JobMtl records linked to an Operation? If so, try linking the JobMtl tables to the JobOper table instead of the JobHead table.

ive changed one of the filters…it seems to have got the PART ISSUED calc working…i just need to know whats its adding up in MTLISSUED

Its looking at number of material in BOM x number of ops x number of parts issued