BAQ Calculation Current Month and Year

Take a look at my calculation:

Where you see “2017” and “8”. These are obviously year and month.

What is the function that calls up the current year and month.


There are constants you can use in the BAQ editor.

They are under Functions and the BAQ Constants. Check them out.


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I dont know how i missed that. Thanks!

So now my next question would be, how could I use the constant Year to pull up last year or last 3 years?

The (Constats.Year) will = 2017
(Constats.Year -1) will = 2016
(Constats.Year -3) will equal = 2014

You will then need to build your query off of that.

Do you have an idea of what you are trying to do? Post the query we can help with that.

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What you gave me will help alot.

I am creating a query with different bucket totals. One column with this month, last month, last year, last 2 years, etc