BAQ Combobox Autocomplete


In comboboxes, the user can start typing something like a part number, and the first match gets entered and displayed while typing.

In some comboboxes, the box shows the user characters as they are entered. I have a BAQ Combobox that shows the whole first entry that matches until what the user is entering matches another and then shows that whole entry.

And it’s time sensitive, because if the user pauses, the entry starts over and you get a different first match altogether.

In this example:


The user can start typing “w” and first get “WIRE BLOX” until the user enters “wire r” and then “WIRE RMS - COBBLE” displays. That’s all good.

But if the user enters one or more characters and then forgets where they are and pauses, they will need to enter the whole thing again because the entry period has timed out. Another character may land them in an unrelated spot.

On a BAQ combo is there a way to set the entry mode to show the user what they’ve entered so far?



In InitializeCustomCode add

[COMBOBOX].DropDownStyle = Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.UltraComboStyle.DropDown;

That will have it act like the other combo boxes when typing.


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Thanks, Scott!