BAQ ComboBox re-run the BAQ to refresh the data without exiting

I can’t find the BAQ comboBox in the object explorer. I am trying to see if there is a method that resets it. I currently want to run the BAQ when the arrow is clicked. This works the first time. The BAQ fires and the variable window appears. what I want is that once my custom methods have run that I can reset the combobox to fire again when the arrow is clicked. Does anyone have any insight on what methods there are for a BAQ combobox? Do I need to remove the control and programatically add it back each time?


Look at the bottom of the list under Controls. There you will find EpiCombo. There is a Refresh method that may work. You could also try this bit of code that refreshes the entire dashboard and all queries.

void RefreshAllBAQs()
oTrans.PushStatusText("Refreshing all views. Please be patient...", false);      
MainController.AppControlPanel.HandleToolClick("RefreshAllTool", new 
Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.ToolClickEventArgs(MainController.MainToolManager.Tools["RefreshAllTool"], null)); 
oTrans.PushStatusText("Done!", false);

Good luck!

The refresh() doesn’t work on the combo box. That code looks like it just runs the refresh all but I’m not in a dashboard but that gives me an Idea.

Refresh the adapters and views.