BAQ - Criteria

I am trying to create a dashboard with information for my customer service team on RMA’s. I have created the BAQ; however cannot get it to work properly. I only want results for RMA’s however I have things like invoice number and credit memo on the BAQ, so it returns all invoices. So, I am trying to put in a criteria that limits the BAQ to only RMA’s. Hope that makes sense and I appreciate any help.


If you use inner joins to the RMADtl table, that should filter out records not tied to an RMA. Can you post images of your query so far?

Thanks Adam, I will give that a try…

No problem! Yeah I think if you join the InvcDtl table to the RMADtl table, rather than InvcHead to Customer table, that should get rid of those extra invoice records.

Thanks Adam, that worked…

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