BAQ Dashboard filter

Thank YOU!! That was a stupid moment on my part.  I was thinking the it backwards....darn that dyslexia....LOL

Thanks Again.

I have created a dashboard with a search field for JobNum. I want to make it so they can't run the report with the JobNum blank.  I know it is simple but I can't get it it work.  I don't have honor null checked.  Where/How can I set this?

Thanks Kim

Executive Anaysis>Business Activity Management>General Operations>Dashboard

In the tree view right click the tracker and select properties.  Check the Honor Null on the field you want and re-deploy the dashboard.
I did set the dashboard tracker properties to Input Prompts Only and Criteria Required.  If I leave JobNum blank I get a warning that i need criteria but then it still says retrieveing data and locks up.  It acts like it is still allowing it to pull wide open.  Which I don't want the users to do.

Thanks Kim