BAQ Designer Add WorkstationID to BAQConstants

Hi @Dmitry_Kashulin In the BAQConstants you can select the WorkStationDescription… but not WorkStationID… Is it possible to add that in the near future? it would help alot =) without it we have to pass in via C# the WorkstationID if we want to join on it to find the Device/Printer…


Where are you WorkstationID

If you do us this we will continue to give @Bart_Elia a hard time every Monday and Friday :blush:

Hi @hkeric.wci, looks like gremlins stole WorkStationID item from your UI.
What the version of Epicor client do you use?
What if you create a condition with ‘specified’ expression and types there: Constants.WorkstationID
Will the query returns expected results?
Do you see WorkStationID in BAQ Constants node within Expression Editor form?

I’m sorry for bunch of questions.
Go ahead and bother @Bart_Elia all the week, I believe he likes to talk with people.


It is not in the Functions Editor

Also trying different variations ex (Workstation, WorkstationId, WorkstationID) didn’t do much.

I am on 10.1.500.46 – I haven’t checked 10.2.300 to see if it has been added back. But in 10.1 it was missing.

It is available in 10.2.300.6


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Well that solves this Feature Request then :slight_smile: thats awesome! @Dmitry_Kashulin did it overnight - niceee.