BAQ execution timeout expired

I’m getting the below error on a baq. I’ve tried adjusting the timeout and still will get this error. Any ideas?

It is probably a bad join or going against too large of a table. We would need more info about the BAQ before we could offer a good solution.

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You can set 0 for time out in SSMS

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Be careful. This may allow the query to work, but you will be allowing a potentially bad query to run without being fixed. This can eat up your CPU and RAM…

You could also try increasing the query time out in the BAQ. Under actions menu select Execution Settings. Add the QueryTimeOut parameter, 600 was recommended to us and it works well whenever we run into thi

s error.

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I had this problem and solved it by adding some additional criteria. For example, if your query can be limited to a single “Company” make sure the tables use the “Company” field in all joins and set a criteria on at least one table. The query engine might be able to optimize more if you give it a little more info.

If you check out the thread within the thread, there is a discussion about problems with the BAQ Engine in all versions prior to version 10.2.700. Weird performance results throughout users experiences

This is not actually true. You should ALWAYS join tables using the Company field. It is part of the index and will benefit your queries performance. If you only need one company, then filter by that company. If you are only one Company, still join by that field.


For us, we only have one company, but we still specify Company = BAQ CurrentCompany constant at the first table we add…That has resolved a few timeouts we had after our upgrade.


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You can export a sql execution plan from the BAQ designer also, and view it in SSMS. That will show the costs of each part of your query, makes it easier to track down.

Your suggestion worked for me. Curious on why you selected ‘600’? I’m a newbee, so still learning the ropes. Thank you for your contribution!

It was suggested by support, I have used larger numbers on some very large and slow BAQ’s but the 600 seems to work on most.

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Thanks again!