BAQ Export process program get .xml file when generating ASP

In BAQ, Do I have to set BAQ export process dictionary path to Server/ud in stead of copying .xml to this folder?

Looking at 10.1.500.x, the BAQ Export process doesn’t allow for absolute or UNC paths for the output filename for security reasons.

The only way to change the output location would be to change the client/server paths on the System Agent for epicordata, but, that would impact many other things so it definitely wouldn’t be recommended.

One could export to a \epicordata\[companies][company id]\ASPExportFolder and have an outside process that copies/moves the output to \server\ud but using the Business Activity Query Export Process itself it doesn’t appear that one can change the output path outside of what is set for epicordata.

Hope that helps.

Wow, that’s a change from E10.0, we have many BAQs that export to UNC

However, I’m thinking there’ll be some new options in 10.1.500 to export BAQs using the REST interface. From a command line, you’ll be able to run a BAQ on your schedule, pass in parameters, and manipulate the results. I think admins will prefer this over the Export Process.

Mark W.

Thanks for advice, Did you guys use Generate ASP in BAQ designer before?