BAQ For ShipTos Not Used

HAs anyone done a BAQ to see what ShipTos haven’t order anything in a specified time frame? This is what I am using now and it doesn’tShipToUsage.baq (29.4 KB) seem to be pulling in the correct data. Wondering if someone else could take a quick look and let me know what they think and give me hand.

What is it showing? and what’s is supposed to show? You have to be more specific.

I am using this to remove old ShpTo’s via DMT. When I am processing, i notice there are ShipTo’s with current Orders. So, it is obviously not pulling in only shiptos that haven’t had anything shipped to them in the past, lets say, 25 months.

Has it shipped yet? You are joining to the ship head table, which doesn’t get populated until a shipment is made. You might be better of joining to the order tables.

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Didn’t think on that. And no, it hasn’t but it shows up as a release. So, the DMT stop it. Makes sense.