BAQ for site specific info in Item Master (Part table)

I have a BAQ to pull specific field from our Item Master. However, there are some fields that are different by site. We use a 2nd site for some parts, and there are differences in the setup between the two sites on some parts, e.g. the part can be quantity bearing in one site but non-quantity bearing in the other site. Our second is site is virtual not physical and we want parts all set up consistent between the two.
Specifically what I need help with is how to find the setup for the other site and pull it into the IM BAQ to identify these differences. I am not finding a field in the Erp.Part table nor the Erp.PartWhse tables that I am using.

I think you want to use PartPlant table. I think site and plant are the same in Epicor.

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You are correct, and I knew that, but for some reason I couldn’t see it. If it was a snake it would have bit me. Thanks.