BAQ from PartTrans table for finished goods

Thanks!  That's easy enough.  Using Crystal so it's a little easier.  Expect to have to do all these reports again when we upgrade to E10.


I'm trying to pull all part transactions between 6/2013 to 12/2014 that are finished goods with these transaction types: 

stock to job, stock to assembly, stock to customer, and job to stock.  

I'd like to also display the quantity as of 12/2014 and last unit cost.  

I'm struggling a bit getting the quantity as of 12/2014.

Thanks in advanced.


You'll want to filter on PartTran.TranType for STK-MTL, STK-ASM, STK-CUS, and MFG-STK. For the quantity, if this is for a report, I'd do a calculated field something like: if PartTran.TranDate >= Date("12/1/2014") then PartTran.TranQty else 0. Then you can sum up the calculated field in the report.
>>I'm struggling a bit getting the quantity as of 12/2014.
If I remember it's kind of tedious...
Accumulate the qty from the first PartTran record up to the cutoff date and accounting for all the different TranTypes.
I compared my values with the "running total" from the Part Transaction History Tracker