BAQ - Full Outer Join Not showing all records

I have a simple BAQ: A table with 13 records, but only 12 show in the dashboard when the query runs. The table links to 3 other tables - current invoices, last year invoices, and backlog data. I am using FULL outer joins for all 3 links with the intention of seeing all 13 records. My link criteria is that the company and key1 fields match as shown below.

The catch is that there is no data in any of the 3 connected tables for the month being queried. I still would like to show the record from the parent table with 0 as the value from all the other tables in columns in the dashboard.
Thanks Tony

The catch is that there is NO data for just ONE of the 13 records. The other 12 work perfectly fine. Thus, I have a dashboard with 12 records yet ICE.UD108 has 13 records with a FULL outer join.

TXQuery is an inner join. So if there aren’t any records there you will get nothing in your results.

Thanks a million!!!